Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoying 17,000

Wes and Curtis are still at High Camp. Yesterday they spent the day cutting blocks for their ice walls and visiting people around camp. Talked to the Army Rangers again and their new friends Max and Jason. The winds were about 25 mph so they didn't want to chance going for the summit. Today it was better but they decided not to go for the summit because the winds were still blowing. Also neither of them slept that well last night so thought it would be better to rest and acclimate another day. It has been about -5 degrees for the high during the day and about -15 degrees at night. They spent today making a double wall around their campsite to help protect them even more from the winds. Mike's group from RMI summited today so Wes was waiting for them with lots of hot water for them to drink when they got back into camp. The winds are supposed to be even lower tomorrow so the guys plan to make their summit attempt in the morning. That is, if they both feel well and the weather really does cooperate. They have a little bit of food and fuel left with them at High Camp. They have a cache down at 14,000 with a lot of food. They will pick up that cache once they are on their way down the mountain.


Anonymous said...

We will thinking about you and sending both of you lots of CHEERS!!! Love Mama & Dad

Christopher said...

We are hoping things are going well for you both, and that summit is in your near future. Team Adams is cheering for y'all.