Friday, May 13, 2011

Moving up the Mountain

Due to the site being down for maintenance since Wednesday, I had been unable to make any new posts. However, it seems we are back in business so here is the latest!

Wes and Curtis spent all day Wednesday in their tent at Camp I. The weather was bad - very cold and very windy.

Yesterday they climbed up to about 10,000 feet and made a cache. They were able to drop off a lot of their gear and left one of their sleds behind. They marked their cache with their team flag marker. For those of you who don't know their team name it is Big Test Icicles. Get it? They climbed back down to Camp I. All day they played "tag team" with a German couple. Wes and Curtis would lead and then take a break and then the Germans would lead for awhile. One of the Germans got really sick when they hit 10,000 feet. She had summited Denali before so this was something unusual to happen to her. It was about an eight hour day of climbing for the guys. Wes said it was a pretty "warm" day up there. They were going to enjoy a dinner of chicken ramen and freeze dried broccoli. There is only one other team at Camp I right now. It is a team from Mountain Trips.

Today the plan is to pack up Camp I and go to about 11,000 feet. This is actually Camp III. They plan to skip Camp II. They will spend the night there and then tomorrow go back down to pick up their cache. The guys may then take a rest day before heading higher up.

If you want to see on a map exactly where the guys are then go to and you can get a day and time stamp of their progress.

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Valorie and Don said...

Glad to know site is back up and you're safe! Mama & Dad