Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling at Home at Camp IV

Wes and Curtis took a hike up to about 15,300 feet today to acclimate. They would have gone higher but got sidelined by a bergschrund (a crevasse) and had to turn around. They were trying to get up to the West Rib route to see what it was like.

They spent most of the day walking around camp talking to different climbers. Wes met Max and Jason who are from New Hampshire. They had ice climbed up a route to get all the way to high camp today. Wes also met Alex who is from Germany (seems there are a lot of Germans on the mountain right now). He is climbing with a group of Americans who are para jumpers. Wes says there are a lot of climbers on the mountain right now who are in the military. Mike Walter just walked by and waved. Wes surprised Billy today by accident while Billy was doing his thing in the latrine.

Today started off nice but now it is pretty miserable - very windy and cold.

Tomorrow the guys hope to take another day climb and go up the fixed lines to get further acclimated.

Wes said that Monday is still looking like a good day to move to high camp. There will be a mass exodus at Medical Base Camp because everyone is waiting to make the move.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're making the best of your downtime from climbing. It will be fun to hear all of your stories. Love, Mama & Dad