Friday, May 20, 2011

Still at Medical Base

Wes and Curtis are still at Medical Base Camp. Yesterday they were unable to make their day hike due to the bad weather. They mostly spent the day in their tent. There were gusts up to 55 mph and a complete white out. They did spend a little time fortifying the ice walls around their tent.

A big storm came in last night and it snowed all day today. Again, they spent most of the day hanging in the tent. They got about 1 1/2 to 2 feet of snow. They spent a couple of hours shoveling snow and digging out their kitchen area. They also spent a lot of time boiling water. I think they also visited with Mike and his crew again. Wes said it was really cold and there were icicles inside the tent.

There was a small earthquake on the mountain a couple of days ago around 8:30 am that brought down some snow on the route.

The guys were about to make dinner which was going to be mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese. They had this dinner last night too. This morning they had banana pancakes for breakfast.

They are hoping to be able to do their day hike tomorrow if the weather gets better. There is supposed to be a relatively good weather window on Monday and Tuesday. They are hoping to move up to high camp on Monday with maybe a summit attempt on Tuesday.

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Valorie and Don said...

OMG!!! It must of been weird having an earthquake on the mountain... Be safe and in the moment.It is only Saturday, it must be hard to just stay in camp. Love Dad & Mama