Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hanging tight at Camp IV

Wes and Curtis are still at Medical Base Camp. Today they went down to 13,500 ft to pick up their cache. It was only about an hour and 45 minute climb today. They also watched a helicopter come in to drop off supplies at camp. They even got to see some old friends. Their lead guide from RMI, Mike Walter, is at Camp IV with his team. He's been there for a few days now. Wes and Curtis went over to Mike's camp to get his clients pumped up about the rest of the climb. Billy, another of their guides from RMI, pulled in to camp today so Curtis went over to talk to him for awhile. Corey, the guys were aware of the Swiss climber that died with Mountain Trip. They also heard about the Italian climber that died on Monday in a 1,000 foot fall off Denali Pass.

Wes and Curtis will not be able to move up to High Camp at around 17,500 until at least Sunday or Monday. There is some bad weather moving in. The winds are predicted to be at 50 mph tonight and tomorrow and increasing to 70 mph Friday to Sunday.

If the weather is okay tomorrow the guys plan to do a day hike up to about 16,500. They want to climb up to where the route connects with the West Rib route to check it out.


Corey Fitzgerald said...

hmm I didn't even know about the Italian Climber. Good luck guys! Enjoy the upper mountain.

Christopher said...

Hope things are getting better related to weather. Looking forward to hearing about you both starting to move up the mountain soon.