Monday, May 16, 2011

Medical Base Camp

Wes and Curtis are currently at Medical Base Camp at around 14,300 feet. They got in a couple of hours ago. Wes said he is currently looking at Hunter and Foraker. Said it is nice out but really cold!

Yesterday they climbed from Camp III up to about 13,500 feet and made a cache. They then went back to Camp III to spend the night.

Today was a long day of climbing. Their packs were very heavy. Once they got in to Camp IV they spent a couple of hours making some high ice walls to protect them from the wind. Wes is currently making water (which is a long process and goes on continuously while in camp).

It is supposed to be about -15 degrees tonight. There is a low pressure system coming in with high winds expected.

The guys have not seen the German couple since the woman got sick and went back down at 10,000 feet. However, they saw the two Germans that they met when they were in Talkeetna and climbed a little with them today. But Wes and Curtis wanted to beat the Germans into camp so that they could find a campsite that was already partially built up so that they wouldn't have to start building walls from scratch. I guess they succeeded in that endeavor. There are about 40 people currently at Camp IV.

If the weather is good tomorrow then the plan is to down climb to 13,500 to retrieve their cache and then spend the rest of the day at Camp IV.

Curtis wanted everyone to know that he will not be able to update his site for the rest of the time on the mountain because the spot connection is currently out of service.


Corey Fitzgerald said...

I read online that Visteurs crew couldn't summit due to High Winds and intense cold. Also, Curtis may find some interest in the fact that another climber died on a Mountain Trip climb at 18,500K. Those guys are either terrible or have bad luck haha.
Only 10 summits so far this year out of 33%.. More motivation to get up there! Also, Foraker is "packed" right now..14 people on the mountain.
Safe and Happy Climbing!

Valorie and Don said...

Hi Son, It was really special hearing your voice tonight. Be safe... Dad and I just did a toast to you and Curtis! Love, Mama and Dad

Aaimes said...

Good to know about the spot locator! I was starting to wonder